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iTacit QuickLaunch:

Launch an employee communication app - in less than 2 days.


We’re here to help you respond to COVID-19, connecting your front-line and temporarily remote workforce with the information they need.

Get our new 2-day QuickLaunch employee communication app to coordinate a company-wide response and keep the focus on productivity.

Streamline your front-line workforce communication within 48 hours:

Companies that rely on iTacit for employee communication:


Reach every employee on their own device with your employee app.

  • Move quickly to ensure your workforce understands the impact of COVID-19 on day-to-day operations.
  • Communicate new processes by role or location.
  • Connect employees that don't have email or cannot access through VPN.

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We will help your company succeed d
uring COVID-19.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is testing every organization’s ability to respond with critical messaging and updates, particularly targeted communications. Avoid confusion and misinformation, while maintaining a coordinated front-line response.

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Launch your employee app in 2 days:

QuickLaunch implementation leverages remote support teams and our cloud-based infrastructure. We'll help your internal team with an effective roll-out plan including training, to get your employee communication app up and running within 2 days.

Get started with your own employee communication app,
ready to launch in less than 2 days. 


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