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iTacit Family

We connect families - so staff can respond.

We recognize the difficulties facing long-term care homes during COVID-19.

We want to help by connecting resident families with the latest updates from your facility. Use iTacit Family to coordinate communication to families so that your employees can focus on critical care and hygiene to combat the spread.

Launch a community communication app within 48 hours:

Reassure residents and families without overwhelming your team.

Families are concerned about the impact to their loved one’s health and well-being. Share how your team is minimizing the risk and impact using a secure, designated communication channel.


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Reach every resident’s family with an easy-to-use app.

  • Reinforce connections while in-person visits aren’t possible
  • Move quickly to share new preventative measures
  • Offer real-time updates about their loved one with optional messaging

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Trusted by hundreds of long-term care facilities like yours:

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